The most frequent question is:

Question 1. 'What is the best time?'

Some days people come early. Some days they come late. Some days we wish we hadn't opened. And on some days we wish we had more staff.

We asked the same question to an Indian Guru (who also runs a restaurant in town), as we too would very much like to know who is coming, on what date and at what time! Unfortunately the information he provided was incorrect. If you can recommend a better restaurant please let us know!

Question 2. 'What is the best day?'

Read the answer to question 1 please.

Question 3. 'When can I meet a couple or a girl?'

Again, you really should ask the Guru. HOWEVER, we do have a notification service. Click here.

Question 4. 'How does it work?'

Ya…… How does the space shuttle work? If you really have no idea how an adult cinema 'works', Google it! When you contact us please ask specific questions!

Question 5. 'Where are you located?'

There is a button on the website called "Location" so if you click on that button you will see a photo of the venue, the address and a Google map.

Question 6.
'Are you open?'

There is a button on the website called "Opening Hours" so if you click on that button.....

Question 7. 'How much does it cost?'

There is a button on the website called "Prices" .....

Question 8. 'Do you have private rooms where we cannot be seen?'

There are lockable rooms but if you want 100% privacy, we suggest you book a room in a hotel. There are many in Benidorm!